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I'm a makeup artist & I specialise in creating bespoke and relaxed makeup for the modern bride. I understand that every bride's vision of the perfect wedding day is as unique as they are; that’s why my approach to bridal makeup is to embrace and enhance each persons natural beauty, because that's what makes right?

My priorit
y is to ensure that you feel relaxed and confident on your wedding day; so we'll work together to create a cool & elegant look that is tailored to your individual style. 

When I'm not with a bridal party, baking, rummaging around Tkmaxx or binge-watching reruns of The last'll find me working on set in the fashion industry. I've worked in both the UK and internationally with clients including Tik Tok, George, Next, Barbour & Jimmy Choo Beauty and on Editorial shoots for publications including Vouge and Elle magazine. 

If you fancy a little can see more of what I get up to with this side of my business on my website & Instagram. 


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